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The most famous classic artists of all time, are undeniably in my opinion, the great, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, Donatello and finally Michelangelo, ( as you may know from the teenage mutant hero turtles!)

All of these artists, lived in the same Renaissance period, when art and culture had eventually reached its exponential growth rate with the invention of the printing press and the mass circulation of literature. But amongst this period of self-improvement and vast knowledge available, these artists with exceptional talent, flourished and produced some of the masterpieces of our time. For no fault can be found, and which also have provided a basis on which to develop the art culture up to this day. Therefore highlighting the importance of this single movement in itself.


Probably the most renowned artist of this period, Da Vinci was not only a brilliant artist, but also was an intelligent inventor, who not only painted the masterpiece of the Mona Lisa but also drew blueprints for a flying machine hundreds of years before his time. However despite this we can witness his artistic talent from his paintings, which are not only life like, but are almost hypnotic, casting a spell over the onlooker into believing that  this picture is real, as can be seen from the Mona Lisa.


Unlike Da Vinci, Michelangelo was an artist in profession and was sponsored by many patrons, including the famous Medici family of Florence. However like Da Vinci, he studied the human form, focusing mainly on the perfection upon it, as can be seen from his many religious commissions, including David, and more famously the magnificent, Sistine chapel. 


Raphael on the other hand like his peers utilized his immense artistic wisdom to the optimum level, in order to produce works, of fantastic religious representation, including beautifully graceful Madonna's and sweet, innocent angels

.The Sistine Madonna

Donatello, a church commissioned artist also produced fantastic pieces of artwork, through use of a great deal of his available media, through sculptures, drawings and paintings, adopting similar, yet contrasting techniques, when compared to his counterparts.


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